How to Reconcile Payment Invoices with VAT/GST Invoices

Many countries around the world apply a tax charged on the supply of certain goods and services, such as VAT or GST. If you are a publisher based in a country where VAT/GST is applied, the total amount will be indicated in your payment invoice summary. A detailed breakdown of VAT/GST per commission can be found in the corresponding VAT/GST invoice. To match your payment invoice with its corresponding VAT/GST invoice, please follow these steps:

  1. Find the relevant payment invoice:
    1. Go to My Account > Payment Info > Payment History.
    2. Use the search tools on the page to search by date, advertiser, or status and find the payment you want to check. Click View Report.
    3. In the Payment Summary, click the Payment ID number link.
    4. In the resulting Invoice Summary, find the invoice and make note of the Advertiser ID or Name and the Invoice Date.
  2. Find the relevant VAT/GST invoice:
    1. Go to My Account > VAT/GST invoices.
    2. Match the Invoice Date with the Bill Cycle date and the Advertiser ID or Name with the MID or Merchant Name.
    3. Click Download to download a PDF of the VAT/GST invoice.

You will then be able to reconcile your payment information with the VAT/GST breakdown in the corresponding invoice.

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