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Rakuten Advertising is making it easier to log into your account by upgrading your login information. Once you have made the upgrade, it will ensure your account is safer with more advanced security. It also allows you to access all of your Rakuten Advertising accounts with a single login as well as giving you access to the latest products including the Developer Portal.

Once you have completed the login upgrade, you can continue and follow the steps below to associate your accounts.

How to associate your accounts

You will only need to complete this step if you have more than one publisher user name. If you only have one username you do not need to go through this part.

If you have access to multiple SIDs and have multiple legacy login credentials, you will need to complete this flow in order to access all your accounts with your new "email/password" credentials.

  1. Navigate to "Association Page" Use the following link and log in using the new "email/password" credentials and click "Let's Get Started.”


  1. On the "Account Association Page", click "Affiliate”.
  2. Click “Connect.”
  3. Enter your current username/password for accounts that you wish to associate to your new credentials (email/password).
  4. Finish with "Connect Account” and the process is completed.
    • You may need to repeat this step as many times as needed until all accounts have been associated.

If you have further questions, please reach out to Customer Support.



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