How to Update Your Account’s Login


If you have already updated your account but are having trouble logging in, click here for troubleshooting.


Rakuten Advertising is making it easier to log into your account by updating all logins. This ensures your account is safer with more advanced security. It also allows you to access all of your Rakuten Advertising accounts with a single login as well as giving you access to the latest products including the Developer Portal.

How to access the new login

You can access the Update Link one of two ways

  • By attempting to login using your username/password.


How to update to the new login

  • Go to our website,, and click on Affiliate Publisher from the Login section on top right-hand side.
  • Click on “Update Now”.
    • It will redirect you to a landing page.


  • Click on "Start Update" to begin the upgrade process.
  • Enter your login credentials "username/password".
    • This will identify which SIDs you have access to.



If you do not remember your password, click “Forgot Password” to have your password reset.

  • Click "Next" to move on to account details.
  • Complete the "Update login details" form.
    • The email address entered on this form will be your login email from now on.
    • You need access to the email entered on this page so you can complete the email verification step next.


  • After submitting the form, an email requesting verification is sent.
    • Complete the update by clicking on the "Update Login" link in the email.

Congratulations! Your update is complete.

Next Steps

Next you will connect all of your accounts.

If you have further questions, please reach out to Customer Support.

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  • I love this platform 

  • Hi Vignesh, we appreciate your support!

  • I have lost access and cannot login all of a sudden.. I tried to remove my social platform and update to a different one and suddenly lost access can i please get help thanks 

  • Amanda, sorry you are having login difficulties. As mentioned in the article, please contact Customer Support for personalized assistance: . You can click on the Support icon at the lower right for immediate help. 


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