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  • Avatar
    Elisa Burke

    Dear Sirs,
    This evening, I was making a booking with Hotel Power for one of my clients, at the Hyatt Lakeland Florida; however, the system kept responding that the reservation was not valid. The note from the system stated that I had to call the 800 number for assistance with a code E4500 CANCELLATION POLICY CANNOT BE RETRIEVED THE REQUEST IS INVALID.
    I contacted the reservations agent to finalized the booking and asked her for information about the issue I was having. Unfortunately, she was not able to determine the reason why I was having such problem, and the agent had to build a new reservation. Consequently, I lost my time and booking commission. I have other clients who have requested I make the reservations for them, but I would not like to face the same problem, especially if they require full packages which include Air, Hotel, and Car.
    I would appreciate if you review this case to prevent future occurrences.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

  • Avatar
    Sally Anne - Customer Experience Manager

    Hello Elisa, I'm sorry you're having problems with your bookings. This issue sounds like it may be due to an error on the advertiser's site, not a Rakuten Affiliate Network problem. Kindly contact the advertiser's customer support directly for assistance. You can find the advertiser's affiliate program contact information in your Publisher Dashboard. Instructions are here:

  • Avatar
    Elvis Elrod

    When I search for products why does it only pull products from my approved advertisers? Is there an option that allows me to search for a specific product and then I can apply to those programs which have that particular product instead of having to look through all 2000 programs to see if they have that one product???? Please Help

  • Avatar
    Sally Anne - Customer Experience Manager

    Hi Elvis, our product search tools are currently set up to search for product links, and you can only access links from advertisers you're partnered with. I've passed along your suggestion for searching all advertisers for a particular product. If you have further questions about finding what you need, please contact Customer Support so they can assist you personally.

  • Avatar
    Myrene Dickinson

    I am following the instructions to the 'T' - so, why when anyone clicks on the picture of the product, the information does not pop-up? You have to left click on the picture and then right click on it to open in another page. Most old people like myself, just want the information to pop up when they click on the picture. I love the product and can't wait for this to start selling:

  • Avatar
    Sally Anne - Customer Experience Manager

    Hi Myrene, please contact Customer Support for your country so they can assist you with the specifics of your individual site, situation and your questions. Thanks!