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Six New Publisher Business Models Driving Next-Level Performance

by Liane Dietrich, Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the planning and execution of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network's vision to deliver world-class online marketing solutions.

(Adapted from her article in MarketingLand - read the complete article)

Affiliate marketing sure looks a lot different than it did 20 years ago. Gone are the flashing banners, pop-up ads, and discount-only conversions of years past.

While there’s no denying that coupon sites are largely successful today, technology and consumer shopping behavior have evolved, allowing entry for brands looking for a more holistic experience.

But remarkably, the biggest shift in affiliate marketing has come from publishers, or the affiliates themselves. While content or blog sites were at one point categorized as non-traditional, savvy bloggers have embraced affiliate marketing with a passion, as an optimal way to increase their site traffic and monetize.

Though coupon and cash back sites will continue to be successful and even critical in driving affiliate marketing sales, these new trends showcase just a few of the innovative ways publishers are monetizing their content. And brands take note: as technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see affiliate publishers leading the way on the road to success.

What's next for publisher business models?

  1. Mobile publishers
  2. Local publishers
  3. Social publishers
  4. Video publishers
  5. Remarketing publishers
  6. Hosted cart (or universal cart) publishers

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