The Road Map to Success for New Publishers


Please review these affiliate marketing requirements and recommendations before joining Rakuten Advertising and getting started with your affiliate marketing efforts.

On our road map to success for publishers, there are several phases. Ideally, the first few steps in Phase I below should be completed before you join Rakuten Advertising. Preparing your business plan and your website in advance will help ensure your success in affiliate marketing. You should develop a regular, daily following or consistent monthly traffic to your website first. This is an exciting, fast-growing and changing area of e-commerce that will require your time and attention. Detailed guidance about how to complete these steps is outside the scope of the service we currently provide. However, we realize these initial steps are critical to your success. Below are some of the many resources available to help you.

Phase I: Build your site, your business model, branding, following, and website traffic

  • Choose your market niche and focus
  • Determine your business model and plan
  • Build your website, blog, or custom social media site with original, quality content and add to it frequently
  • Generate traffic to your site and build your audience
  • Understand basic affiliate marketing monetization and how it fits your site

Phase II - Become a Rakuten Advertising Publisher

Phase III - Grow your program and your revenue

Once you have registered (it is free) and have been accepted, you will find more resources in the Help Center to help you with the rest of the steps in the road map. In addition, there are some resources you can use immediately, including our Customer Support team for technical support, and Publisher Newsletters.


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  • Hi there, as I understand there is no joining fee with rakuten marketing but are there any other cost to me I should be aware of?


  • Hi Wilma, there are no costs involved from Rakuten Advertising for publishers only potential earnings; however, you will have costs to consider for your website, marketing efforts and other business expenses.

  • Hi Sally,
    Thank you for your response. When you say costs for my websites, marketing efforts and business expenses do you mean in combination being affiliated to each company?

  • Hi Wilma, it will be helpful for you to review the items in Phase I of the article above. If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, then you may want to do some online research and study about how to get started in affiliate marketing in general. That is a topic that is beyond the scope of our Help Center here.

  • Thank you Sally!
    Most appreciated. This is great advice. I do have another question for you please, if I may? What is Rakuten’s profit for negotiating and interlinking companies with publishers + advertisers?

  • Wilma, you can research the various business models for affiliate marketing networks online as well. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Support using the Support icon in the lower right so they can personally assist you.


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