What types of questions can Customer Support help me with?

Chat Support

We encourage you to use the Chat Support function at the bottom right for immediate help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are not able to find the information you need immediately here in the help center, the Rakuten Advertising Customer Support team is happy to respond to all of your inquiries or you may submit a support request via phone or email.

We strive to respond to all email inquiries within one business day. Our chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We cannot respond to specific questions about your account or technical issues here in the Help Center comments.

Our key area of support is for technical issues. Technical issues we can assist you with include items such as:

  • Signing up as a publisher
  • Publisher account login difficulties
  • How to use features in the publisher dashboard
  • Questions about getting started with Product Catalog data feed
  • Questions about using APIs and web services
  • Questions about advertiser's programs information in the publisher dashboard
  • Problems with running reports in the publisher dashboard
  • Questions about your commission payments

There are certain, often requested, services, and areas of advice that are not offered to you by Customer Support; however, we understand these areas are important to you. You can find information on these topics in a variety of ways including information here in the publisher Help Center, and additional outside resources we can direct you to. We do not provide support regarding:

  • Website or website design support. Customer Support generally advises publishers that do not yet have a website to seek the services of a web developer or look into various website builder platforms to build a website from a template.
  • Coaching in affiliate marketing best practices. When possible, Customer Support may provide broad advice about how to start building your advertiser relationships. However, we do not provide in-depth support to you regarding the following and similar concerns:
    1. What types of publisher websites are the most successful
    2. What advertisers generate the most commissions for publishers
    3. How you can generate traffic and improve traffic to your website
    4. Where to put links on your website
    5. How you can increase your website conversions (earnings)
  • Advertiser-specific concerns. In general, when you have a question or concern about a specific advertiser program, it is best to reach out to the advertiser directly. You can do so by following these steps. If you do not hear back from the advertiser in a reasonable amount of time, or if the contact information is outdated, please let us know and we can escalate internally.

For helpful tips and best practices, check out the Grow - Best Practices & Tips section of the Help Center. Also, be sure to follow our Rakuten Advertising blog and attend DealMaker for the latest insights and tips.

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  • Hello Adeola, please contact Customer Support at uspubsupport@rakuten.com so they can personally assist you with your specific situation and many questions.

  • Hi,

    we need to get all information about our active shops in automatic mode. In manuals from developers.rakutenmarketing.com we didn't find actual information. We need:
    - logotype
    - link to the stores' websites
    - affiliate links to the main page of every shop.

    Help us, please.

    Thank you

  • Hi Siarhei, I'm not clear about what you're asking for, but it sounds like you may be trying to use the Link Locator API? You may find the information you need in the Consolidated Advertiser Report which also is available via API. Please check out this feature here https://pubhelp.rakutenmarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/204653229-Consolidated-Advertiser-Report-Overview-. Contact Customer Support using the Support tab at the top of this page, or the use Chat if available at the lower left, so they can personally assist you with any further questions.

  • Hi there
    I'm David logged in as kiwiscan. I clicked "Programs" clicked on categories and chose health and beauty. I chose Vitacost, however after half a dozen tries on the advertiser search for Vitacost no results showed up. Please help...
    David Morris

  • Hi David, I'm sorry you're having difficulties finding the Vitacost program. The advertiser may have chosen to make their program "private" or by invitation only. You may contact Customer Support for assistance in learning more about the program. Use the Support tab at the top of this page to find Support for your country.

  • I am trying to search advertiser programs to join, but every link takes me to a message that says "your search returned no results", even when I click the 'see all advertisers' link. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Katie, I'm sorry you are having difficulty with the advertiser search. Have you looked at this article (https://pubhelp.rakutenmarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/201250357-How-do-I-find-and-join-advertiser-programs-) about joining programs?

    If you have followed the instructions in that article and you are still having trouble, please contact customer support, available 24/7 via the chat support widget located at the bottom right of your screen.

  • Hello,

    So, I'm questioning why I keep getting emails from your-website?? I have unchecked all areas; although, I keep getting junk mail daily. I have taken a photos to show there isn't any areas left to uncheck, that I have access to or see.

    Therefore, can you let me know what's missed, so, I can stop the emails.

    Thanks Dwight

  • Hi Dwight, as it says in this article: https://pubhelp.rakutenmarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/201201753-Can-I-unsubscribe-from-all-advertiser-and-Rakuten-Advertising-emails-at-once- you will still receive certain special technical and information emails from Rakuten Advertising as long as you have your publisher account. If you have more questions, please contact Customer Support by email at uspubsupport@rakuten.com or using the chat Support icon at the lower right so they can understand your individual situation and personally assist you.


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