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Seasonal Offers – Post Timely Seasonal Links to Your Site

Seasonal Offers is a tool to help you select and promote links related to holiday and seasonal offers like Black Friday and Valentines Day. The landing page lets you explore offers from all global advertisers to establish new partnerships and post links to your site.

Location of Seasonal Offers

Click here to go the Seasonal Offers landing page. (You must log in to your Publisher Dashboard first, if you're not already logged in.)

Benefits of Seasonal Offers

  • Discover compelling offers and apply for new advertiser partners.
  • Earn more commission by posting timely and relevant offers related to popular retail holidays.
  • Find offers that are most important to your customers by sorting by Seasonal Campaign (i.e,  Black Friday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, etc), Offer Type (i.e., Free Shipping, Percent Off, etc) and Global Network.

How To Post Seasonal Offers on Your Website

  • Choose your selections of Seasonal Campaign, Offer Type and Global Network. Note: You must make at least one selection per category (1+ Campaign AND 1+ Offer Type AND 1+ Global Network).A checked box indicates you want to include offers of that category. Unchecking a box will remove this category from your results.
  • Navigate offers and select Get Link to find a promotion you’d like to feature or select Learn More to partner with a new advertiser.
  • Select Get Link to get the code to post the promotion on your website. IMPORTANT: You must be partnered with the advertiser for the transactions to be commissioned. You can confirm that you are partnered with an advertiser by clicking on the offer’s Learn More button and selecting the Offers tab on the advertiser’s home page. If you see Update at the bottom of the page and a commission selected, you are already partnered with this advertiser. If you see Apply at the bottom of this page, you first need to partner with that advertiser to post and receive commission for the offer.
  • To promote the offer, copy the Link Code and paste the HTML on your site.
  • Select Learn More to see more details about a particular advertiser and apply to join their program. To apply, select a desired offer and click Apply in the Offers tab on the advertiser’s home page.

Still have more questions? Use the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page or this link to find the email or phone Customer Support contacts for your location.

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