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What is Deal Dispatcher?

Deal Dispatcher is a digital publication containing opportunities for publishers to take advantage of incentives from Rakuten Affiliate Network advertisers. The Publisher Promotions page provides publishers ways to increase commissions or earn more bonuses by promoting advertisers' special offers and promotions. Consumer Promotions targeting consumers are listed for publishers to promote on their sites. Publishers can learn more about New Advertiser programs and create new partnerships by clicking the Learn More buttons next to the deals.

Deal Dispatcher is posted in the Find Offers & Promotions section of the Publisher Help Center. It's also available in the left hand side of the publisher dashboard homepage. There are two buttons: one for Consumer Promotions and the other for Publisher Promotions. When you click on either of these buttons, a new window will open up with offers from our advertisers that will help publishers earn even more commissions with Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network. A ticker with publisher incentives is positioned at the top of the publisher dashboard for convenience. A monthly Deal Dispatcher announcement also reminds publishers of these opportunities.


Deals are divided into two main categories: Consumer Promotions and Publisher Promotions. A New Advertiser category introduces publishers to new advertisers in the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network.

The Consumer Promotions category is a list of deals from advertisers that will benefit your website's visitors; for example, free shipping or $10 off of a purchase. These offers can be very helpful for turning clicks into sales and increasing your conversion rate.

The Publisher Promotions category is a list of deals from advertisers that will benefit you directly through your commissions. These awards can be anything from sign-up bonus offers for new publishers to increased commission rates or return days for loyal supporters.

Explore Deal Dispatcher for each of our global networks today for great promotions that will help you earn big bucks!

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