Affiliate Marketing Basics

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing channel, which means digital marketers pay their publisher partners based on performance, not potential. Affiliate marketing drives brand awareness, keeps shoppers engaged throughout the sales funnel, and most importantly increases online and offline sales.

Advertisers and Publishers

The essential part of an affiliate program is the relationship between each side of the channel: advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers are companies with an online presence promoting products or services. Advertisers use affiliate marketing to find new customers outside their traditional reach, increase traffic and orders on their site, and to stay top of mind with existing customers. Advertisers include brands and companies from financial institutions to direct to consumer (D2C) brands to retailers.

A publisher is a blog, website, mobile app, shopping platform, social channel, or browser add-on that drives traffic to a brand or company’s site. Successful publishers use affiliate marketing to deliver great offers to their readers/followers, create and build relationships with their favorite brands.

The Affiliate Process

Advertisers will provide offers for publishers to promote products/services with varying commission possibilities for referrals and purchases. Details for offers vary between advertisers and products/services.

Based on those offers, publishers include their advertising partners’ affiliate links on their sites to drive traffic to the advertiser site and earn commission from any qualifying purchases that result from a user following the link.

Advertisers and publishers can form solid partnerships that will benefit both for years through affiliate marketing and specifically our network.

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