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Have Your DSA Approved by Advertisers

After our Network Quality team approves your DSA, the second step is to contact all of your advertisers and ask their permission to use this new distribution method with their program. Please note that Rakuten Advertising does not allow the auto-redirection of an advertiser’s natural and paid traffic unless you have specific documented permission from that advertiser.

We suggest that you send advertisers a one-page email, outlining how your software works and how it benefits the end-user and the advertiser. Use screenshots in your document, so that advertisers can easily understand how your DSA works. Not all of them will be able to download and install your software because of corporate firewall restrictions.

Your document should also detail if the software auto-redirects an advertiser’s paid search or organic search listings. Many advertisers will not approve of all the functionality your software has, which is why each of them must approve it.

Your DSA should become inactive on the website of any advertiser who opts out and it should stand down on an advertiser’s site that doesn't want you to redirect their traffic. Publishers who fail to comply with this rule will jeopardize their relationship with advertisers as well as with Rakuten Advertising.

You must be transparent with all of your advertisers who will be promoted through your DSA to ensure a long and successful relationship with them. Also, once an advertiser approves your DSA, whether it comes via email or in a legal document, please save the approval in case we or the advertiser requests it at a later date.

Still have more questions? Use the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page or this link to find the email or phone Customer Support contacts for your location.

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