How do I suggest a feature or an improvement?

We love to hear from you. Simply contact us and let us know how we can make Rakuten Advertising work better for you. We'll make sure your suggestions reach the appropriate members of our Product team.

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  • Olá Rakuten,tudo bem?

    Já trabalho com plataformas de afiliados,gostei da de vocês :)

    Sugiro também que traga novos anunciantes da Rede do Brasil,tem muitos no mercado.


  • Hello Phelipe! You said: "Hi Rakuten, how are you? I already work with affiliate platforms, I liked yours :) I also suggest bringing new advertisers from Brasil, there are many on the market. Hugs" Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion! Our Brazil team is always working to bring new advertisers on board.


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