How do I apply to join an international advertiser network?

Publishers joining Rakuten Advertising are automatically opted-in to all advertiser networks for which they are eligible. Eligibility is based on your location and the commission payment method you select.

To see which network(s) you are opted-in to, log in to your publisher dashboard and go to My Account >  Marketing Channels. You should see a screen like this, below, where the Advertiser Networks are listed:




You can apply to any of the global advertiser networks for which you are eligible by simply checking the boxes in the Advertiser Network section.

Please note: Once you opt into a network, you cannot opt-out of it.

If you don’t see available networks to join, it could be because of your payment method settings. You can change your payment method settings in your publisher dashboard.

Learn more about your options for getting paid and which networks accept which payment methods in the various international advertiser networks.

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