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Rakuten Affiliate Network's DSA (Downloadable Software Application) Testing Process

Rakuten Affiliate Network's DSA testing process consists of two steps. First, you must have your DSA approved by our network quality team, then you must have each individual advertiser partner approve your DSA in their program.

Step 1: Have your DSA approved by Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network

The first step is to have your DSA approved by Rakuten Affiliate Network; the second is to have it approved by your advertisers. This article covers the first of these steps. Before Rakuten Affiliate Network begins testing, we expect your downloadable software application to:

  • Be easy to download and install
  • Be free of bugs (for example, we prefer not to test BETA toolbars)
  • Include Rakuten Affiliate Network advertisers to ensure links are tested accurately
  • Include an end user license agreement (EULA) at some point during installation
  • Stand down when it recognizes linksynergy and afscr=1
  • Stand down when it recognizes any publisher links

Rakuten Affiliate Network's Network Quality team does a multitude of tests to make sure that:

  • The software does not automatically drop cookies
  • Other publisher’s cookies are not being overwritten
  • The DSA does not repeatedly ask the user to "click here to earn points"
  • The sign to opt in is not larger than the sign to opt out.
  • It easily installs & uninstalls
  • The software doesn't significantly change the end user's browsing experience

Once we review your DSA in house, we send it to a third-party company to perform a more thorough test. Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network does this to ensure that its high standards are met and validated by an unbiased third party. This overall process can take up to two weeks if no issues are encountered.

If you make changes to your DSA after it has been approved, you must notify Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network, as we will need to retest it.

Be sure to read Rakuten Affiliate Network's DSA Guidelines and an overview of DSAs.


Step 2: Have your DSA approved by advertisers

If you are ready for Step 2, please read Have your DSA approved by Advertisers.

Still have more questions? Use the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page or this link to find the email or phone Customer Support contacts for your location.

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