About the Canada Network

The Rakuten Advertising Canada Network includes Canadian advertisers and US advertisers that ship to Canada. Join the Canada Network and take advantage of Canada's young and growing online market.

New publishers joining Rakuten Advertising (or adding new Marketing Channels) after 2012 are automatically opted-in to all networks for which they are eligible. You don't need to take any action to join international networks, just sign up as a publisher. If you joined Rakuten Advertising prior to 2012, you can add the Canada Network to your account.

Here are some reasons to get started with the Canada Network:

  1. E-commerce in Canada has been growing.
  2. The Canadian economy is one of the largest in the world.
  3. Many Canadians would prefer to shop at a Canadian-owned and operated website if the price and product were the same.
  4. Capture every sale: feature Canadian links along with US links and allow your customers to self-select so you capture every sale.
  5. Since many Canadian consumers shop through US sites, offer value to your Canadian visitors by linking to Canadian advertisers and US advertisers that ship to Canada. Add a "For Canadian Users" section to your site or launch a Canadian version of your site and see great results!
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  • lots of reasons I SHOULD join the Canadian network, but not help with actually joining or logging into that Network.
  • Hi Kimberly, you make a good point! I've updated the article with links to information on how to sign up as a new publisher or to add the Canada network if you're already a Rakuten Affiliate Network publisher. As a new publisher, you will automatically be opted-in to all the international networks for which you are eligible. Hope that's helpful!

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