How do I generate revenue in affiliate marketing?


As a publisher (also known as an affiliate), you may enter into an agreement with an advertiser(s) to become eligible to earn commissions for your efforts in generating sales or other actions (such as leads or software trials) on the advertiser's website. You will need to promote traffic to your website, blog, emails  or social media platform page. Learn more about tips on getting traffic to your sites in this article.

To understand the specifics of an advertiser's commission offer, how commissions are paid, and the qualifying actions, you should review the advertiser's terms and conditions and offer details carefully.

Rakuten Advertising acts as the trusted third-party that brings together advertisers and publishers and provides reporting and payment services.

Using Affiliate Links

Once you have applied and been accepted into an advertiser's affiliate program, you will have access to special coded affiliate links and banners that you can place on your website, blog, social media, or in emails. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, they will be directed to a page on the advertiser's website. Advertisers pay a commission for each qualifying purchase or action you generate for them. Learn more about how to find and join advertiser programs in this article.

How it Works

For example, if a visitor clicks an affiliate link on your website and is directed to the advertiser's website or on to a product page, and makes a purchase of that product (or any other product that is commissionable) within a specified time frame and according to other details of your agreement with the advertiser, you will earn a commission for that sale.


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  • I was under the impression that I could go to your catalogue of goods, pick something to promote as an affiliate, get my affiliate link from you and post  (on Pinterest) to make sales?  This does not seem to be the case, it is a bit confusing, can you help? 

  • Hi Janis, Welcome to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. You can search online for information on the basics of affiliate marketing in general. Then you can learn here about how to find and join advertiser programs to become an affiliate of their program to being earning commissions on sales. Here's an entire section of articles in the Help Center to get started, including a step-by-step weekly plan: Hope that's helpful!

  • I'd like to become a much better affiliate marketer.  Is there training online that you recommend on some of the things we can do?  (Posting links and banners has not worked well in the past.)

  • Dot, you can search online for more specific affiliate marketing training targeted to your business model (blogger, deals site, other). However, the basics are described in this article to get you started:  

  • I think I will like the business


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