US Income Tax Forms and Information for Sign Up

Income Tax Information

When you sign up to become a publisher in our network, we are required to collect information in order to pay you for your commissions earned. Income tax details are part of the information we gather from you when you sign up as a publisher in our network. We provide a list of income tax forms (or tax status) in the online registration page for you to choose the appropriate one.


If you need help choosing the appropriate form, please consult a tax expert or the IRS. Publishers should contact a tax, legal, or professional adviser to understand the impact of form W-8 reporting on their business. Information herein does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such.

Common Questions

I am located in the United States. Which form do I need to use?

All US publishers are required to select the W-9 form.

I am located outside the United States. Which form do I need to use?

All non-US publishers can select either a W-9 form if they are liable for paying taxes in the United States, or a W-8 form if they are not liable. To learn more about non-US-based publisher forms, click here.

Do I need to mail or upload a tax form to Rakuten Affiliate? 

No. During the registration process, we ask you to enter your company name and income tax identification information (social security number or employer identification number in the US) so that you do not have to submit a physical document.

What is backup withholding?

Backup withholding (this requires a payer to withhold tax from payments not otherwise subject to withholding) is not applicable to a publisher that has the proper documentation that proves they are not taxed as a US-based company. This documentation is a form W-8 of any kind. Backup withholding is only relevant to a US-taxable entity.

Which legal entity should I select on the registration form?

Review this article for more information about legal entities (business types).

Will I have to pay taxes on my Rakuten Advertising earnings? 

It is the responsibility of each publisher to understand and follow the appropriate tax laws.

We are required by US tax laws to collect certain tax-related information from our publishers. However, we are not able to provide you with tax advice. You should always consult a tax adviser to help answer specific questions regarding how tax laws apply to you and your business.

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  • Hi
    My Cie is base in Canada/Québec wish tax from should I use. As i maybe have brand base in USA.
    Can you help please
    Guylaine Milot

  • Hi Guylaine,

    Thanks for your question. We always recommend that you contact your own tax advisor for information about tax forms and tax implications.

  • Thx for information. This helped me choosing the tax form.

  • Hi Min, I'm glad it was helpful!

  • Will LInkshare send me a 1099 for 2015? Or how do I get that? Thanks

  • Hi Nathan, if you were due a 1099 for 2015 you should have received it by the end of January 2016. Here's an article that explains more details: If you have further questions, please contact Customer Support for your country and they will be happy to help you.

  • Hi
    I'm from Ireland so I choose foreign for legal entity type and I just wanted to check if that's the right choice or should I have chosen individual. Also, as Ireland has a treaty with the US to prevent double taxation, should I be checking the "exempt from backup withholding" box.

  • Hi Padraigin, welcome to our network from Ireland! If you will kindly contact Customer Support for your country, they will be happy to assist you with the specifics of registering your publisher account properly. You can find their contact information here:

  • Hi Sally, I am Dipak from Canada. How can I submit W-8BEN form? Can I submit it online? Please advise. Thanks

  • Hi Dipak, welcome from Canada! Please follow the links in the article above to the IRS information about the tax form. You may also want to consult your tax advisor for assistance.

  • I found the W-9 form, but can I sign it digitally, save it, and upload it or do I have to actually sign and scan it and then upload it -- much more trouble.

  • Hi Barbara, all we need when you fill out the registration form to become a publisher in the Rakuten Affiliate Network is for you to enter your individual or sole proprietor Social Security number or your Employer Identification Number (EIN) if you file your taxes as a business employer. We do not need a copy of your W-9. Hope that's helpful. If you have further questions related to publisher registration, please contact our Customer Support team. You can find their contact information in the Support tab at the top of this page.

  • BUEN DIA SALLY SOY VICTOR DE MÉXICO. A mi me gustaria la retención del 30% cada vez que se me realice un pago al no tener la certificación en el expediente. Que debo hacer?.

  • Hello Victor from Mexico! I'm sorry, but I can only respond in English here in the Help Center. Please contact Customer Support and they can assist you in Spanish. Here is a link to their contact information -

  • How can I upload the w-8BEN form to my profile?

  • Hi Diego, as stated in the article above: "Do I need to mail or upload a tax form to Rakuten Affiliate Network? No. During the registration process, we ask you to enter your company name and income tax identification information (Social Security number or Employer Identification Number in the US) so that you do not have to submit a physical document." Please contact Customer Support if you have further questions and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Please help I believe I have reached my level of understanding. I need to comtinue this struggle to overcome my emotion of failure now that I am stroke survivor ...

  • Hi Kevin, there is much assistance for your affiliate program here in the Help Center. However, to overcome your emotion of failure will require more than is available here. I hope you will seek help with that aspect of your life too. You may find inspiration in this one of many hardship to success stories from super-affiliate "Sugar Rae" here:

    Here's a clip from her story: "So, how does a graduate of the foster care system, with nothing but a GED, go on to create a multi-million dollar business – and become a highly respected marketing consultant and speaker? The truth is, I didn't have a choice. My first son suffered a massive stroke as a baby that left him severely multiply handicapped. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 15. It would have been easy to be defeated. But, I chose to find the lessons and not the excuses in those situations and became a successful entrepreneur. I'm a firm believer that your situation does not determine your result – your attitude does. Take no prisoners and make no excuses – in business or life."

    Wishing you the best of health and success!

  • I have completed everything, including the W-8/W-9 form, but I get this message:
    "LinkShare is legally required to collect W-8/W-9 tax..."
    How do I upload this form to get this information to you?

  • I have just signed up for an account as a sole proprietorship. I do not generally give my SSN out for tax purposes and use a TIN instead. I used my TIN in the SSN field when signing up and was wondering if that is acceptable for tax purposes. Thanks!

  • Hi Randy, please contact Customer Support using the Support tab above. They will be happy to assist you with your specific situation.

  • Hello
    I have asked this question to Support via email, however ther response I have received is not very helpful, I'm afraid - and my question is VERY simple.

    I'm in Australia and so have registered with a W-8 BEN form. in my dashboard, I can still see an unticked box " I am exempt from backup withholding".

    My question is - could you please advise - without referring me to read the full US Tax legislation - just addressing the following scenario:

    Is a NON-US citizen with NO US tax liabilities exempt from backup withholding?

    The answer can be only yes or no - so I would much appreciate your advice.

  • Hi Anna, while we do not advise publishers on their specific tax liabilities, we can say that as a general rule, backup withholding is not applicable to an entity that is properly documented as not subject to US taxation (that is, you have selected a W-8 form of any kind). Backup withholding is only relevant to a US-taxable entity. So, it sounds as if you would be exempt from backup withholding. Please confirm this designation with your own tax advisor. Hope that's helpful!

  • Hola muy buen dia, he tenido problemas para registrarme, escogiendo W-9 para hacer mis taxes, que mas puedo hacer ?

  • Hello Rhynia, you asked "Hello very good day, I had problems to register, choosing W-9 to make my taxes, what else can I do?"

    Please contact Customer Support at so they can personally assist you with your registration questions.

  • Ha Anne,

    The article says above: "There are multiple W-8 forms, and for most Publishers the W-8BEN is appropriate, as it is the form used primarily by entities and individuals to claim foreign status"
    The W-8BEN form says "Do NOT use this form if you are not an individual. Entities MUST use form W-8BEN-E
    Why don't you have W-8BEN-E form available?


  • Hi Andras, please check with your tax consultant to determine the form you need for your own taxes and obtain the current official form. The article above also states, "Please consult a tax expert or the IRS if you need additional information. You do not need to mail or upload the income tax form to us, however. We only ask you to enter the requested information in the registration form online." There is no need for us to provide the forms.


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