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Multi-Touch Commissioning - BETA


Multi-Touch Commissioning allows an advertiser to extend an offer that includes a first-click commission to a publisher. This feature will enable advertisers to compensate publishers who are influential in the early stages of the user journey.

This feature is in closed beta testing with a small group of advertisers, so you may not receive any offers of this type at this time.

Calculating First Click Commissions

As an offer is created, advertisers in our closed beta have the option to add a “% of Sale” commission for the first click in addition to the last click. The offer is then issued to the publishers selected by the advertiser. Here is a view of the advertiser’s multi-touch commission offer options:


Each advertiser participating in the program has set a ‘lookback window’, which defines how many days the system should look back before setting the first click in the user journey.


C = Click, T = Transaction, FC = First Click, LC = Last Click

As an example, imagine that an advertiser sets a lookback window of 14 days. In the illustration above, you see a consumer journey. Rakuten Marketing’s system will walk back 14 days from the purchase, and then walk forward on the timeline until it identifies the first click to happen within the lookback window.

If only one click occurs during the journey, it will be considered the last click and will receive the traditional commission. A single click will always be recognized as the last click.

There could be times when the same publisher legitimately earns both the first click and the last click on a transaction. The advertiser determines at the program level if publishers in this scenario receive both commissions or are limited to the last click commission.

Recognizing a First Click Offer

When you receive an offer with a first-click commission, you will notice that it calls out the additional commission tier in the offer description. This commission tier carries across to every page in the Publisher Dashboard where you can view the details on an offer. Please note that commission amounts are not finalized until an invoice is generated. 

You can view the performance of your multi-touch commission offers in the publisher dashboard in a new standard report called, "Multi-Touch Commissioning Report."

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