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BeFrugal experiences 50% year over year growth with Rakuten Affiliate Network

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BeFrugal is the fastest growing cash back and coupon website in the US. Founded and
created in 2009 by Jon Lal, BeFrugal strives to provide shoppers with maximum savings for
minimum hassle.

BeFrugal is a free coupon and cash back website where you save $27 per order with coupons
and earn an additional 7% cash back on average. BeFrugal features coupons for over 50,000
stores including all of the top 500 retailers and provides cash back for over 4,000 online
retailers. BeFrugal is an easy and efficient resource for anyone looking to save money on retail,
restaurant and grocery purchases, plan an upcoming trip or make a major purchase decision.
BeFrugal operates from its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and serves
customers globally.


Affiliate marketing with Rakuten Affiliate Network seemed like a natural fit for BeFrugal
because the team felt the key stakeholders in this space – the consumer, and retailers – were
not being served adequately by existing supplementary affiliates.
Rakuten Affiliate Network is a very important partner and a clear choice given BeFrugal’s
mission to provide shoppers with the best possible deals and cash back rates. It was a
priority to work with top name brand retailers. Along with the quality partners available,
BeFrugal was also interested in the ease of integration and the comprehensive set of
reporting tools that Rakuten Affiliate Network provides.

BeFrugal’s objectives for affiliate marketing included:
• Building long-term relationships with both consumers and retailers
• Increasing traffic to BeFrugal and improving user engagement
• Providing the best deals, coupons and cash back at popular online stores


Rakuten Affiliate Network’s reporting tools and analytics allowed BeFrugal to tap into
important insights to better understand its users as well as optimize and improve sales with
top retailers. Not only did these tools uncover what users are shopping for and their
preferred brands, they also provided detailed data on seasonal and holiday shopping
making it an essential part of their marketing strategy.

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