Requirements and Recommendations for New Publishers


We are often asked for help in getting started in affiliate marketing. Here are some requirements, recommendations, and resources for you if you are just beginning your program.


Review these affiliate marketing requirements and recommendations before joining Rakuten Advertising and getting started with your affiliate marketing efforts.

Getting Started

It is important to understand that affiliate marketing is a marketing channel that, like any other successful business effort, requires time, planning, effort, creativity, commitment, quality, integrity and communication, and relationship-building with your advertiser partners and your consumer followers. Our Network Quality team screens and monitors publishers to ensure the quality of our network. If you do not meet the requirements below, your publisher account will be terminated. 


Some of the external resources recommended may be available in English only.

Technical and Other Requirements

  • Sign up on the Publisher Registration form, as your primary website information, you will need to include your own live (not under construction) website, blog, or customized social media page URL.
    • As an example of a website, you will need to include your own domain, such as, not If you wish to use a social media page, then you will need to have a URL like, not
  • Read carefully and agree to all Publisher Membership Agreement terms and conditions, including but not limited to following all applicable laws and privacy regulations.
  • Read carefully and agree to all Network Policies, including but not limited to FTC Endorsement Disclosure Requirements for affiliate marketing, and compliance testing and approval for any DSAs (Downloadable Software Applications).
  • Provide unique, quality content (not copied from another site or source) that adds value for your visitors.
    • "Google believes that pure, or "thin," affiliate websites do not provide additional value for web users, especially (but not only) if they are part of a program that distributes its content across a network of affiliates. These sites often appear to be cookie-cutter sites or templates [with] the same or similar content replicated within the same site, or across multiple domains or languages. Because a search results page could return several of these sites, all with the same content, thin affiliates create a frustrating user experience. Added value means additional meaningful content or features, such as additional information about price, purchasing location, or product category." -- From Google Webmasters Support quality guidelines for affiliate programs.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing in your Business Efforts

1. Join Rakuten Advertising.

2. Apply and be approved into each advertiser's affiliate program. After you join Rakuten Advertising, you will then apply to join the specific advertisers' affiliate programs. Each advertiser has certain criteria that you need to meet in order to be approved into the program. Your website content must also be relevant to the advertiser's products and meet brand guidelines.

Next Steps

Read about the road map to success for new publishers, and some resources to help you get started.

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  • Prezados, boa noite, há algumas semanas atrás fiz o meu cadastro e fui aprovado com uma página do facebook, eu tento achar a para pegar os links de anunciante e não consigo. Criei uma outra página recentemente que tem mais a ver com produto da fragrancenet que é o que quero me dedicar e trabalhar, acontece que não consigo pegar nenhum link de nenhum produto com o meu número. Quando cliclo no link que me foi fornecido ... sou direcionado para a página da fragrancenet sem que nada tenha a ver comigo, então fico na dúvida, caso alguém resolva converter fazer alguma compra como eu vou saber que foi através da minha publicação ?
    OBS: Já fui afiliado de outras plataformas e sei mais ou menos como funciona,poderiam me prestar esse esclarecimento p/f

    Aguardo contato
    Grato e
    Marcos Silva

  • Hello Marcos, first I will post your comment here in English:
    "...a few weeks ago I did my registration and I was approved with a facebook page, I try to find to get the advertiser links and I can not. I created another page recently that has more to do with fragrancenet product that is what I want to dedicate and work, it happens that I can not get any link of any product with my number. When I click on the link provided to me...I'm directed to the fragrancenet page without anything to do with me, so I am in doubt, in case someone decides to convert make some purchase as I will know that it was through my publication?...I've been affiliated with other platforms and I know more or less how it works, could you give me this clarification?..."

    You will need to first be approved into the advertiser's program/offer to find affiliate links that will contain your affiliate code. Here's an article about how to find, apply and be approved for an advertiser's offer: Please contact Customer Support for your country if you need further assistance.

  • i got approved but i cant get any links

  • Hi Valeria, sorry you're having difficulties. Please contact Customer Support so they can assist you personally.

  • I've been told I need to have a $2 Million revenue stream to be an affiliate, it that accurate? I do not see any mention of minimum revenue requirements in the article above. Thanks.

  • Hi Barbara, no, that is certainly not accurate for our Rakuten Affiliate Network publishers! If a particular advertiser or platform has a minimum revenue requirement to partner with a publisher, then you will need to discuss that with the party who gave you that information. However, you might be referring to a minimum revenue requirement to become an advertiser in our network. That is different.

  • Is this website actually functional? I have tried to become an affiliate for here (because this is where they send you) literally for YEARS, without any success. There was a time when Vitacost did appear here, but when I applied nothing ever happened: nobody says yes or no, nothing ever suggests an application even got submitted. Still, when I ask them, Vitacost support just tells me to come here and apply, but nowadays cannot be found, either by browsing under Vitamins or using your search feature. Your site is so slow and awkward to use that it seems like some amateur thing that was created years ago and then forgotten about, so I'm wondering whether it even does anything useful. Is there some kind of secret code I need to have to actually make it work? I DON'T WANT TO BE BRUSHED OFF AND TOLD TO ASK SOMEBODY ELSE LIKE HAS BEEN MY ENTIRE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS WEBSITE SO FAR, I WOULD LIKE AN ANSWER HERE PLEASE.

  • "Your search "vitacost" returned no results. Advertiser Search supports searching by Name or Advertiser ID (MID).
    You may want to try the following:
    - Check the spelling
    - Try typing the first few letters of the word
    - Try typing fewer words"

  • Hi Karl, sorry you're having difficulties. There are several reasons an advertiser may not be found in the Advertiser Search tool, as described in this webinar: Vitacost has chosen to be a private program (by invitation only), so please contact Customer Support for assistance in connecting with them. You may also want to work with some of our other advertisers who provide vitamins and supplements. Thank you!

  • good afternoon how do i set it up and how do i get the link to start advertising please advise

  • Hello Edwin, please review the set up instructions in this article: and the other articles in the START HERE section of the Help Center. If you have specific questions, contact Customer Support for your country and they will be happy to assist you.

  • nothing easy about this site...go to walmart links and more than half have no pictures but the best is where it says get link..there is no functional link?? time is precious and this is killin me

  • Hi Louis, I'm sorry you're having difficulties with links. It can be a bit confusing at first. Like anything else, it does take some time to learn. There are many different types of links, and not all have images. Here's an article that should help: If you have questions about a problem with a particular advertiser's links, you can also contact the advertiser directly. Hope that's helpful!

  • Hello, I'm having trouble with verifying my PayPal account, it doesn't give any info on what the issue is, so I'm not sure why it's not working.

  • Hi Tamyryn, this article should help you with PayPal questions: You can find PayPal customer support here:

  • I just signed up a few months back and I am adding more links and my site. Then,today I received an email asking me to verify my traffic resources and the title is tagged as anomaly report. I am so confused because I didn't do anything weird with my website. I really just have a huge customer base because I also have a facebook page ang group. 😔

  • Hi Nicole, please contact Customer Support by email at or using the chat Support icon at the lower right so they can understand your individual situation and personally assist you.

  • Hi, I have registered a Rakuten Marketing account, I am the admin ... I want to apply for affiliate program with Udemy, how do I do?

  • Hi Thanh, please follow these instructions to apply for the program:

  • Buenas noches, necesito el instructivo de como obtener los link de Udemy para promocionar sus cursos. Ya estoy afiliado pero no puedo encontrar la forma.


  • 0
  • Hi, I was just approved as a new affiliate 4 days ago and before I have even had a chance to find and promote my first product, I received an email today saying my account has been terminated. I am disappointed since I am brand new to this and would very much like to be successful. Can you please explain why I might have been terminated before I even started? Thanks in advance! Pam

  • Hi Pam, this article provides some potential reasons for account termination: If you have further questions, please contact Customer Support using the Support icon at the lower right.


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