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August 2016 Rakuten Affiliate Network Newsletter

Rakuten Affiliate Network
Publisher Newsletter: August 2016
[Infographic] Q2 Momentum Data Insights
10 A+ Back-to-School Marketing Tactics

Back-to-school season is well underway, and we've got the content publishing blueprint to a successful season right here.

Master Back-to-School Marketing »
[Infographic] Q2 Momentum Data Insights Network and Intel Trends
[Infographic] Q2 Momentum Data Insights

Gain a comprehensive view across different marketing channels during Q2 and see how these numbers can influence your marketing success for the remainder of the year.

View the Infographic »
[Case Study] How Luxury Brands Prosper in Affiliate Case Study
[Case Study] How Luxury Brands Prosper in Affiliate

Get an ubiquitis and in-depth view of affiliate marketing with luxury brands. You'll learn what affiliate publishing strengths you can offer to luxury brands in this case study.

Read the Case Study »
Announcing Curate - a New Content Visualization Tool! Announcement
Announcing "Curate" - a New Content Visualization Tool!

Create beautiful showcases of products and drive sales through visualization done easy with Curate, the latest publishing tool from Rakuten Affiliate!

Start Taking Advantage »
5 Questions to Analyzing Past Q4 Performance Feature
5 Questions to Analyzing Past Q4 Performance

Looking towards Q4 planning? Don't just think ahead when you do - look at previous years to see what worked and what didn't. Use this guide to help build a Q4 plan based on results from previous seasons.

Ask Yourself Questions for Q4 Successes »
Industry Insights: Influencers, Ad Blockers, & Page Abandoners News
Industry Insights: Influencers, Ad Blockers, & Page Abandoners

Ad blockers have been a concern to digital marketers everywhere, but as an affiliate publisher you already have an arsenal of advantages at your disposal. Learn these tools, plus discover the latest on influencers in marketing and what page abandonment on mobile devices is costing you.

Learn the Latest Industry Trends »
4 Ways to Help Customers Take Advantage of Festival Season UK Communication RAN AU Update
4 Ways to Help Customers Take Advantage of Festival Season

Summer being just around the corner can only mean one thing; festival season is finally here! Here are 4 reasons why brands should see the festival season as a huge marketing opportunity.

Get Your Customers Ready for Festivals! »
Attribution, One Step at a Time Global Communication RAN UK Update
Attribution, One Step at a Time

Do you know where you fall into place in the average buyer's journey? With attribution, advertisers will be able to better understand the role you play in converting a shopper - even if you aren't the last click in the process!

Get the Dossier
of Attribution »
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Perennial Promotional Calendar
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The Holiday Planning Guide
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[Webinar] How to be Successful as a Content Publisher August 24, 1:30 PM EST
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