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June 2016 Rakuten Affiliate Network Newsletter

Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten Affiliate Network Newsletter
Publisher Edition: June 2016
Best Practices & Training  |   Network Intel & Trends  |   Offers & Promotions
  Partnership Opportunities  |   Technology & New Releases
Infographic Infographic:
Affiliate Success in Dads and Grads Season

Partner with top advertisers, promote products that everyone wants, and discover how to elevate your affiliate strategy for Dads and Grads season with this high level infographic.

Network Trends:
Ace Your Back-to-School Strategy in Q3!

Learn how to succeed in
back-to-school marketing with this
in-depth research for publishers.

Dads and Grads

Study up on the latest Dads and Grads strategies for advertisers that will teach you the most popular products this season.

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Advertiser Relationships
Content Publishers:
Make the Most of Your
Advertiser Relationships

Content publishers have a strong reach into niche markets
that advertisers want to reach. Find out how to utilize
this reach and become the partner every advertiser
wants to team up with.

Industry Insights:
And the Most Influential Generation is…

Find out the latest news and happenings in affiliate marketing, and learn how to apply it to your publishing strategies. This month, learn which generation is the most influential in spending -- and how you can optimize your publishing because of it.

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Global   10 Steps to Creating Killer Content
Rakuten UK Update
Global   Identify Yourself! How to Correctly Choose Your Publisher Business Model
Help Center
Global   Register for the June Webinar: How to Grow Your Program
Best Practices and Training
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Global   Attribution: Cross Device Measurement [eBook]
Best Practices and Training

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